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Clairvoyant Valerie Quick

All Readings and Services provided by Valerie Quick

  • Psychic Readings
  • Tarot Cards
  • Shaman Light Worker
  • Automatic Writing for Spirit in the Divine Light
  • Clairsensios
  • Past Life Regressionist
  • Groups, Parties, and Event Bookings
  • Clair Tangency (sensing energy, and it's origin from objects, including Marilyn Monroe's hand, and feet placement by her at Hollywoods walk of Fame. I couldn't even put my hands where she placed hers, boy is she mad at the boys she knew that sided with Joe DiMaggio. That's why she's dead.)
  • Clair Senses, including Channel for those who have crossed over into the light.
  • Trance Medium for my Spirit Guide for Spiritual Guidance, questions answered. 
  • Trance Medium Healer for Spirit in the Divine Light
  • Premonitions
  • Sacred Geometry
  • Eygptian Scroll Reader
  • Prophecy/Prophet


  1. Reiki Healing Sessions
  2. Reiki One Attunement
  3. Reiki Two Attunement
  4. Master Reiki (Three) Attunement
  5. Teacher of Reiki
  6. Hot Stone Healing Therapy

Clairvoyant Valerie Quick (Dellarosa)

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I offer phone readings, live readings, long distance healing is provided for Reiki, and Trance Medium Healings, also in person.  Privacy is upheld for the highest good, and with the highest integrity for my clients. You may record paid sessions. psychic reading

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please allow 24 hours for response due to the high call volume

Psychic Valerie Quick

Tampa, Florida, United States

Author of Spiritual Awakening
Venus Quick aka Valerie Della Rosa


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